Top 10

Here’s How!  Top 10 Ways to Improve your Confidence on the Dance Floor

  1.  Do familiar things make you feel more comfortable?  If so, wear your favourite shirt or dance shoes, dance with people you know at first, or ask the DJ to play some of your favourite songs for dancing.
  2. Be comfortable.  Wear clothes that make you feel good and you feel make you look good.  Wear shoes you are stable wearing.
  3. Make sure your dance posture is good.  It makes you look and feel more confident and improves your connection to your partner.
  4. Don’t try too many tricky moves.  Do what you do best, even if it’s solid, smooth, basic steps.  It’s always better to focus on connecting with your partner than trying to execute fancy moves.
  5. Your energy level should be good.  Not manic, not sluggish.  Rest beforehand, eat, and keep hydrated.
  6. Don’t worry, be happy!  Nobody, not even the pros, get every move every time.  You don’t have to either.
  7. Let the music move you.  Use the energy and emotion in the music as a source of confidence.
  8. Smile!  Dancing isn’t something you have to do.  You dance because you want to dance.  Show that it makes you happy.
  9. Be a good partner.  Say please and thanks, compliment your partner, say hi to people on and off the floor.  Dancing is social.
  10. Be you.  You’ll feel a lot more confident if you don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not.  Whoever you are is good enough.  Be proud of you.