IMG_1749Are you a Good Leader or a Great Leader? (Or neither?)

First, to define the role:

Leader = responsible for guiding the couple and choosing, then initiating, transitions to different steps.  The leader should signal the follow by using subtle physical and visual cues.

A Good Leader:

  1. Dances at the follower’s level.
  2. Has good musicality, which means the leader can hear the rhythm and understand the nuances in the music.
  3. Is clear.  Not rough or forced, but the signals should be easily understandable to the follower.
  4. Has good connection with the follower.
  5. Is creative, but not a show-off.  Part of being a good leader is making your partner feel great.
  6. Dances safely by watching out for other dancers.
  7. Makes the follower enjoy the dance.
  8. Understands that partner dancing is about two people.
  9. Is familiar with the basic rhythm and elements of the dance.
  10. Is calm, confident, and kind.
  11. Smells clean!

A Great Leader:

  1.  Reads the follower and adapts to his/her level.
  2. Adjusts the lead based on how the follow reacts to each signal.
  3. Can make the follower feel like they are moving together with the music.
  4. Can do all this AND enjoy each dance!


(source: zouktheworld)