Cuban salsa

Cuba gets into your Blood

Then came CUBA. We went 21/2 years ago for two weeks. We had a guide and driver, Ibrahim, who took us everywhere. That included going to places to hear live music and watch dancing. It’s everywhere in Cuba. The places we went were outside and full of people. It was magical. I knew they were dancing salsa, but they were so smooth, I couldn’t figure out how they were doing it. When some kind men asked me to dance (the men there ask EVERYONE to dance—it’s lovely—take note men!!), I told them I couldn’t because I didn’t have a clue. There were other people dancing who also had no clue but I didn’t want to be one of them (if I had that to do over again, I would want to be one of them)!  (I’m talking about you, tourist wearing flip-flops!!) When we got home, I signed up for salsa classes.

NOTE:  in Cuba, they dance everywhere–they don’t spend a second worrying about if the dance surface is smooth enough or if they have on the right shoes.  They hear music, they dance!  It’s amazing…