Tips for Followers:

• Clear your mind and concentrate on your partner.
• Listen to the music, but avoid counting beats.
• Stop analyzing anything except the signals your leader is giving you.
• Don’t think of any specific steps.
• Follow the Leader’s chest.
• Be on the lookout for change.
• Don’t anticipate the next move or step.
• Keep in a receptive state of mind.
• Don’t try to memorize a pattern of steps.
• Try to maintain your own balance.
• Commit your weight to the foot you are stepping onto.
• Suspend the impulse to worry about where you are going and what you are doing next.

A follower can listen in many different ways to her partner:
• his body motion,
• his hand pressure on her back or side,
• visual cues, or
• signaling with subtle movements of eyes, head, etc.

THE THREE LAWS for Followers:
1. Never hold on;
2. Never let go; and
3. Don’t think, just do it.

Following means:
if he doesn’t give the signal, you do nothing. If he gives the wrong signal, you forget what you were expecting to do, and follow the signal he gives instead. No exceptions.