WHY should I take dance lessons? I can dance!

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Hey, I can dance—WHY should I take lessons?

We’re glad you asked. There are a lot of good reasons and only one of them is just so dance schools can make money.

First, ALL great dancers continue to take lessons and train and learn. Dancing is not a skill you can learn, then leave on a shelf until you want to use it. It requires constant practice to maintain your skills. To improve your skills, you need lessons.

Second, your TEACHERS should continue to train and learn to maintain and improve their skills. Nobody knows everything when it comes to a skill like dancing. There are always things someone else can teach you.

Third, lessons are NOT just the means to the goal of becoming a good social dancer. They are also the END goal. Here is why:

  • You meet new people when you take lessons;
  • New people expand your dance world;
  • Lessons can teach you new moves or old moves done differently;
  • You can never learn all the styling you need;
  • You have a chance to smooth out your fundamentals, which everyone needs;
  • Your dancing will improve if you spend time dancing with partners at different levels;
  • If you’re older, younger people can teach you to be more adventurous and try new things;
  • If you’re younger, older people can teach you patience, precision, and timing;
  • You can learn new dance styles;
  • You can find new opportunities for networking;
  • Lessons are good exercise and great for your brain; and
  • Lessons are a fun activity!

Lastly, dance schools need your support if we are to continue to provide very inexpensive dance socials and practicas as well as FREE events. For us, nothing is free—we pay to provide these forms of entertainment. We do it because we love dance, because we want to build community, and because we’re trying to fill a need we see in our city for people to connect with each other.

While we’re building this dance world for all of us, we want to know what you think. Talk to us. Tell us what you like and what you don’t. We’re listening. We hope to see you on the dance floor soon!