There aren’t any BAD Dancers!

Often, you hear people make comments such as, “he has no rhythm” or “she can’t follow.” Sometimes the comments are even more harmful or mean-spirited.

Have you ever thought this or even said this to your friends? What’s really important about dancing anyway?

If you watch the dance floor at social dances, have you ever seen the dancers that dance every dance (even if they can’t dance?) but they’re always smiling – always having fun. They are actually having a great time.

When you watch people on the dance floor, do you sometimes wonder why they are dancing because they look like they’re in pain? Why would anyone go out social dancing for a night of work, frustration, and angst? There is a time and place for everything in life and those things don’t belong on the dance floor.

Social dancing is people moving together on the dance floor and enjoying themselves. We don’t all have to dance the same way. Even if you just get up and sway to the music, that can be your way of expressing pleasure in dancing.

A dance floor will always have people with different styles and knowledge levels about dancing, which doesn’t mean they are good or bad dancers, just people enjoying themselves differently for an evening.

Maybe if you take dancing so seriously that you’re losing your ability to laugh at yourself over a mistake, it’s time to take a lesson or two from a social dancer that doesn’t perform perfect steps but actually moves to music just for FUN!

-From Karen Kiefer