Quote_ SilversteinAllow yourself to fail faster.

This is a concept introduced to me by my friend Miyuki.  It’s advice she received from her father and it makes so much sense.

If you don’t take chances because you’re afraid to fail, you don’t avoid failure, you only delay it.  Unless you never take any risks at all–and who wants that life?  Entirely safe, but dull and unrewarding.

If you trust yourself, if you take chances, if you go places you have not gone before, if you’re brave, you might fail.  BUT, you will fail faster so you can get that out of the way and clear the path for success sooner.

Life is short.  Don’t waste time fearing failure.  Embrace it as a means to bringing you success faster.

THIS is what “dance like nobody is watching” means.  If you look silly, who cares?  Move, smile, laugh, have fun, & you win every time.

We can show you how.