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Have Fun!

Nobody cares if you are the best dancer in the room. If you’re the one having the most fun, you will be the envy of all partner dancers.

Isolate your body parts

Being able to isolate your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders from your core is how your dancing takes on more individuality and style. Practice this in the mirror.

Partner dancing is face-to-face

Partner dancing is mostly face-to-face. It’s the best way to feel your partner’s movements. Unless you’re doing some tricky turns or spins, keep your chest facing your partner’s chest.

Dance Your Pants Off Workshops

The first in a long series of workshops, Sam’s intensives are different than other schools.  Sometimes, the focus is strictly on technique to improve form.  Sometimes, we will introduce a brand-new dance to Vancouver.  Sometimes, we will offer something specific that we don’t teach in-depth in our regular classes, like body isolations and musicality.   […]

Grand Opening Party

Sam’s officially opened our new concept dance school and social experiment to Vancouver and the world with three studios, each playing a different style of music, plus demonstrations of Zouk, Samba, and West Coast Swing.


When we requested photos from friends, talented artist and lovely friend, Jay Senetchko, sent us this. His work is always engaging, provocative, and stunning.

Wash your hands

Because you are touching a lot of different people while partner dancing, the more you can prevent spreading cold & flu germs, the better. Clean hands are the key to staying healthy.

Dance in Transit

Sam’s is conducting an ongoing Dance in Transit Project to introduce dance to people on the skytrain, in stations, and on the street.  This is spontaneous and outrageously fun.  If you see us and hear us some day, join us for a few minutes of movement and music.  It’ll add some spice to your day!  […]


Our trainee, Alex, danced with us while doing some post-doctorate work at UBC. Sadly, he has returned to Germany but we hope he will visit soon.


Laugh, smile, wink, shimmy–do all kinds of things to enhance your dancing experience.