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Make new friends

Sam’s is all about the friendship part of partner dancing. This is the whole point of dancing with another person–to make a connection. Look for conversation, interests, and hobbies, in addition to dancing, that you might have in common with your dance partner.

Picnic Pavilion Event Granville Island

The first in an upcoming series of dance socials, we danced Zouk, Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba in this amazing outdoor space in the heart of Granville Island.  Watch our website and Facebook page for more of these FREE events in the summer months.  Sam’s will be all over the city dancing our pants off!

Fusion Workshop

The unique and beautiful style of Zouk can be incorporated into many other dance styles, like Fusion and West Coast Swing. Sometimes, Sam’s will partner with other groups to offer some of these movements in a workshop.

Dance in Transit Project

The very first event of our Dance in Transit Project, this was an experiment to see if we could engage people who were hurrying to their private destinations in a public celebration of dance and music.  We could and we did and we will do it again and again.