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Bridget helped us with our Grand Opening party and we’re waiting for her and her partner, Jay, to join us for classes.

Mistakes happen

Who cares if you make a mistake while partner dancing? Laugh it off and try again. Nobody else cares so why should you? This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to dance well–just don’t have a breakdown if you mess up sometimes–it happens!


Dana has been our student since day one and she continues to learn Salsa and Bachata in both Group and Private lessons.


Jean-Guy was our photographer extraordinaire at our Grand Opening party in November. We love our photos!

Practice, practice, practice

The more you dance, the better you will dance. Practice, practice, practice. Go to dance socials, take dance classes, go to dance workshops–all this helps you improve faster.


Partner dancing is all about laughing, smiling, and having fun. You know the saying, “Dance like nobody is watching?” Smile like everyone is watching!