Move it to Lose it!

Tip #28

Dancing can help you lose weight and keep your weight under control!

Dance Improves Tone & Strength!

Sam's DanceTIP #27-2

Strong, toned, fit = description of a dancer!

Breathe Easier, Move Better, Live Longer!

Tip #26

Dancing improves your fitness so you can live better longer!

Increase Motor Fitness & Coordination!

TIP #25

Dancing improves your ability to touch your toes, balance on one leg, and have control over your body!

Up your Endurance & Stamina!

Tip #24

Dancing more allows you to dance longer!

Body Building made easy and fun!

TIP #23

Dancing is way more fun than lifting weights!

Dance for your Heart!

TIP #22

Dancing is good for your heart–dance for and from your heart with us!


TIP #21

Hydrate all the time!

Get warm!

Tip #20

Prep your joints and muscles to move and shake on the dance floor.

Clothes on, clothes off!

Tip #19

You start out chilly and then the heat hits you like a blast from a furnace. Be comfortable by layering clothing on and off for dancing.