Have Fun!

Nobody cares if you are the best dancer in the room. If you’re the one having the most fun, you will be the envy of all partner dancers.

Isolate your body parts

Being able to isolate your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders from your core is how your dancing takes on more individuality and style. Practice this in the mirror.

Partner dancing is face-to-face

Partner dancing is mostly face-to-face. It’s the best way to feel your partner’s movements. Unless you’re doing some tricky turns or spins, keep your chest facing your partner’s chest.

Wash your hands

Because you are touching a lot of different people while partner dancing, the more you can prevent spreading cold & flu germs, the better. Clean hands are the key to staying healthy.



Laugh, smile, wink, shimmy–do all kinds of things to enhance your dancing experience.

Make new friends

Sam’s is all about the friendship part of partner dancing. This is the whole point of dancing with another person–to make a connection. Look for conversation, interests, and hobbies, in addition to dancing, that you might have in common with your dance partner.

Rhythm is more important than fancy moves

Keeping time to the music is the basis of dance movement. Listen to the music, feel the rhythm, dance to the beat.

Deodorant is your friend

Deodorant, a shower, breath mints, clean clothing–this is all part of making the partner dancing experience beautiful.

Mistakes happen

Who cares if you make a mistake while partner dancing? Laugh it off and try again. Nobody else cares so why should you? This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to dance well–just don’t have a breakdown if you mess up sometimes–it happens!

Practice, practice, practice

The more you dance, the better you will dance. Practice, practice, practice. Go to dance socials, take dance classes, go to dance workshops–all this helps you improve faster.