Partner dancing is all about laughing, smiling, and having fun. You know the saying, “Dance like nobody is watching?” Smile like everyone is watching!

Katrin & Eveline

Our two Swiss misses Katrin & Eveline. They danced with us while visiting Canada. We miss them and hope they will come back soon!

Core strength is the base of balance


Core strength is the base of balance and body control, which is what dancing is all about. Your dance partner is not responsible for your balance–you are!



Carmen—our trainee from Chile—was with us for the first few months of classes.  She was a big help to us and we wish her well.

Hygiene is very important

This should go without saying but we’re saying it anyway–you should smell good for your dance partner and they should smell good for you.

Look but don’t stare


It’s yucky when your dance partner does everything to avoid looking at you so don’t do it to them either–partner dancing is a partnership!

Dance with at least 3 people

The more people you dance with, the more versatile you will be as a dancer. Adapting to different styles and movements is great for your mind and your body!

Hand-to-Hand connection

Connection is important in a follow-and-lead partnership so make sure yours is constant, but neither of you should need a chiropractor after class!

Mints, Mints, Mints!


Partner dancing is a close-contact social experience. Make sure your sense of smell and that of your partner is pleasant.