Culture Days with Dance in Transit

Queen Elizabeth Theatre Lobby

Friday, September 29, 6 – 8:30 pm


Vancouver Civic Theatres presents:

  • Dance in Transit
  • Sam’s Dance


FREE Program:

Celina Villaroel Whiting • Reggaeton mini-class

Celina Villaroel Whiting • Performance

Juliana Oliveira • Zumba mini-class

Jheric Hizon • Hip Hop mini-class

D’Angels • Bellydancing performance

Steve Amoti • Bachata mini-class

Then social dancing to bachata, hip hop, reggaeton, forro!!

Why Dance in Transit?

The Dance in Transit concept and title belongs to Sam’s Dance. It was conceived out of a desire to build community, expand social networks, and add some face-to-face contact into our daily lives. It is a way to “bring it to the streets.”

Traditionally, dance schools experience a slower period during the warmer months when people want to be outdoors. We thought, why not combine the beautiful outdoors with some exhilarating dance experiences?

Dance in Transit provides a continuous supply of dancing during the warm months to the existing dance community—at no cost—and offers people who are not already dancers to watch it, try it, and see if they love it, too.



Dance in Transit

Sam’s is conducting an ongoing Dance in Transit Project to introduce dance to people on the skytrain, in stations, and on the street.  This is spontaneous and outrageously fun.  If you see us and hear us some day, join us for a few minutes of movement and music.  It’ll add some spice to your day!  LIKE us on Facebook to find out when our next Dance in Transit event is happening.


Dance in Transit Project

The very first event of our Dance in Transit Project, this was an experiment to see if we could engage people who were hurrying to their private destinations in a public celebration of dance and music.  We could and we did and we will do it again and again.

Robby, Aira, & friend

Robby, Aira, & friend have supported us from the start. Both Robby and Aira participated in our Dance in Transit Project.